Information Technology

The Information Support Services & Networking Program provides students with skills and access to certifications that will help them secure positions in the Information Technology field. The classes taken at the Center for Technical Education Innovation will also provide the foundation that will assist college-bound students wishing to further their education and career in information- and networking-related opportunities. Students enrolled in Information Technology study the proper use and maintenance of computer systems in today's high-tech environment. Throughout the course of the four-year program, our students become proficient in computer repair, hardware and software maintenance, local area network setup and maintenance, client/server setup and maintenance, cyber-security programming and Web page design. They will learn how to develop and maintain efficient network systems for the safe distribution of data, and are challenged to extend their knowledge to earn a number of industry-recognized credentials. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to meet the technology needs of a number of organizations, including schools, hospitals, businesses, healthcare and government. Credentials include CompTIA, TestOut, Microsoft and OSHA.